Thursday, January 21, 2010

Short lesson, on out-competing other women....

Sorry people, I know it's been a really long time for this blog, I've been really busy the last few months, and don't expect it slow down any time soon, but I will try to post more often...... Now when it comes to competing with other women, you simply should refuse to indulge. You really don't need to. So many bw, instead of seeing each other as sisters, will instantly go on the attack with other females because they are interested in a particular male. We all know bw have been fighting awhile over bm because so many are in jail, they have become a scarce (un-needed) resource. But now I'm seeing more bw fighting over WM! Now I don't agree with this either. You should NEVER be fighting over a man regardless of race, creed, religion etc. That's tacky and classless. And it's totally un-unnecessary. You can out-pace other women without going to lower means anyway..... The trick is to subtly let a man know that you are interested, and then back off and let him come to you. You will have to be a little patient, because when it comes to bw, wm are a bit confused and frustrated. We unfortunately have so many bw running around screaming that they don't want anything white, that the many, many, bw who (sometimes secretly, and sometimes openly) want wm, get lumped in the same group as them. The problem is there are not enough bw telling the truth. So many stand quietly in the back ground while these foolish women scream this to the world. I'm sure I'm not the only woman who has ALWAYS been attracted to wm, but most won't say it. .. The easy way to out compete other women is to be sassy, but classy. To be interesting but not loud and vulgar, and to be attractive without ever being sleazy looking. So many women try so hard, and the trick is to try SOFT! If he knows you're trying, then you're doing it completely wrong! He should have no idea. When it comes to wm, it's really easy to out-pace and out-compete other bw because most will not even look his way until he's proven to their satisfaction that he likes bw. By that time, another smart bw has already snatched him up! Plus, most bw are still silently waiting for the BC to give them the ok to date, love and marry wm. Hello!-That's never going to happen! So those women have unfortunately eliminated themselves! When it comes to many (not all) ww, many are so used to being treated like queens by wm, that they don't appreciate all the wonderful things he does. Many men go out of their way for ww all their lives, and rarely even get a thank you! So many men are tired of their prima-donna ways, that many ww eliminate themselves.... The easiest way to snatch a man is to be exactly what he needs at that time in his life. The biggest men-stealer's in the world will tell you that all she did was OBSERVE, and see what he was desperately looking for, and then gave it to him! I keep telling women that men are just not too good at hiding things, it takes too much effort. All you have to do is really listen, and he will tell you everything you need to hear. Now when it comes to men remember they're not all alike, but they all BASICALLY want the same things, just like all women are not alike but we BASICALLY want the same things. Most men want.... To be protectors To be honored To have a best friend and a lover Want to feel important To out compete other men and get the dream girl... To produce, and take care of his family He wants to feel APPRECIATED!!!! Someone who REALLY LISTENS!!! To feel that even when he's old, fat, and ugly-she'll still love him..... The reason alot of Asian women are out competing ww these days for the best wm, is that many ww make it clear that if he doesn't have this, or doesn't have that, then she's gone or won't be bothered. This in turn causes him to feel used. Yes, he wants to give her the best, but he does NOT want it to feel like the relationship is contingent on it! He wants to feel like when he slays the dragon and brings home the bacon, she'll be there will hugs and kisses of gratitude, and not be whining about how The Jones next door have better this or better that! Many, many women have driven men away by not expressing gratitude for the things he continuously does. The need for appreciation is so basic that you can even see it in baby-males. I notice when my baby son picks up the bottle all by himself-he'll wait to see if I notice, and congratulate him before he drinks. So the bottom line is, if you want to out-compete bw, simply be open to an IR and don't wait to see if he really likes bw before giving him a chance... If you want to out-compete ww, simply be gracious and appreciative. Really let him know that his constant efforts, and giving really mean alot to you..... Another trick that many secretaries have used for ages is the 'talk yourself in love with me trick' You see, as people communicate, and share secrets-human nature takes precedence, and they grow closer and closer. Men, often cannot share very personal things with other men because of the whole strong males -don't cry persona. So many men will try to share their deepest insecurities and vulnerabilities with the women in their lives. Unfortunately many women don't listen. They're too caught up in their own lives, careers, children etc. This is why many men are stolen by secretaries every year. Many secretaries will give that ear that he needs so badly, and slowly the bond forms, before he knows it, he FALLS in love, and she skillfully talks him into divorcing the wife,and marrying her (why do you think they call it falling-instead of going into love? ) Most of the time, the man doesn't know what hit him-and had no intentions of being anything more than friends or lovers with the woman who snagged him!! For most men, the greatest gift you can give them is to really LISTEN. Don't just wait for him to stop talking so you can tell him how bad the kids were-really LISTEN. And don't worry if you can't solve his problems-he doesn't expect you to, he just needs you to listen.... A simple way to get your personality in check, is to ask yourself-would you want to go out with, and marry you? If not, then ask yourself why not, and fix the problem.....

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Answer to the feelings man....

This is the man alot of you ladies are waiting for! (lol) I am sure you noticed that there were more than 5 examples, that pointed to JW being a feelings man. But if you can simply spot 5, than you have learned the lesson. Now keep in mind ladies, all feelings men will not come in as fine a package as JW, however, they usually still make very good mates. The feelings man is the easiest man of all to establish rapport and intimacy with. He is usually very compassionate, and has alot of empathy for other people. He will fall in love faster than any other man. In fact, he may be 'in love' long before you are ready to even hear the word! The feeling man looks down a lot. Because remember, down is emotional/feeling to the side is auditory, and up is visual. The feeling man will often look down a lot before answering a question, because he has literally just dipped into his emotions before he answers you. If you were to ask this man a neutral question such as: "what were you like as a child?" he would likely answer something like "I was a happy/unhappy kid, or I was lonely or had a very loving childhood etc. But he will be answering from an emotional viewpoint. He will love the sad movies and songs that other men consider to be 'corny' He will likely love messages, exercise, running, jogging, jacuzzi, sports cooking, eating, dancing, and of course making love. He is the one man who is not afraid to say "I Love you" He longs to touch and be touched and because he is so close to his emotions, he is usually a fantastic lover who forges a physical as well as emotional connection with his partner. This is the perfect man to let your hair down with because he truly is interested in your inside more than the out. When it comes to the feelings man, instead of spending half a week's salary on a new dress, simply look nice and clean. Give him a cold drink or a snack and touch him while you talk. This is the way to get him to listen to anything you say. Simply touch him while you say it. He cannot get enough of being touched. He will love fine silks, and soft clothing. Leave of f the beady knit sweaters, and wear soft cashmere and velvets. Give him lots of hugs and kisses and he will respond in kind. His life will be designed around comfort and ease. He will like almost nothing better than a baby oil rub down. He is also the most affectionate man of all. For all you sisters out there craving affection, this is the man for you. Get on his wavelength, say things like: "I feel like you want to talk" "I understand how you feel" " That's a heavy thought " I just get a sense of ...." "lets stay in touch " "I feel/don't feel comfortable about.... "It's just so cold and sterile" " It shook me up I'm ok" "I'm the type of woman who can weather hard times" I think you get the picture. If you are a visual or auditory, you will have to practice a tad, but soon you will speak his language with no 'prob' The feeling personality: The feelings man usually loves sports or working out. He probably has a nice body because of this. He is a comfortable dresser, rather than stylish. He has a hard time sitting through long meetings or discussions (doing nothing). He is very sensitive to his needs and yours. He gets hurt almost as easily as a woman. He is a wonderful friend, so if things don't work out - try to keep him around. He usually makes an excellent father because he has so much empathy and can relate to the child's feelings in a much deeper way than most men. Anything that activates his senses will turn him on. ie, sex, dancing, exercise, warm baths etc. Sometimes women who go all out to look good (visual women) start relationships with kinestetic men (feeling's men) and all hell breaks lose, because she has no idea what is going on. The following example will illustrate this: Dawn removed her expensive coat and carefully hung it in the hall closet. She could hear her husband puttering around in the kitchen, making one of his specialties. She smoothed her already perfect clothing and headed toward the kitchen. As soon as she stepped foot in the door, her pulse began to race! She had left the kitchen spotless before she had left this morning and now it was a wreck! There was spaghetti sauce and dishes everywhere! crumbs on her counters, juice spilled on her freshly scrubbed floors, something running down the wall, and worst of all, her brand new kitchen rugs were ruined with sauce stains-she knew would never come out! Keith turned toward her with a big stupid grin on his face, he was covered in flour and some concoction she could not identify. "hey baby! just thought I'd make dinner " he said happily. "Then we can cuddle by the fire and-" "wait!, Keith-" too late he had come and put his spaghetti covered hands all over her expensive designer dress! Now Dawn was too angry to speak. Keith realized what he had done and tried to apologize quickly. "oh honey, I am so sorry- here take that off and I will hand wash it right-" Dawn stopped him with a withering look. "what the hell is wrong with you?" she demanded. "anyone with half an eye could see your hands were dirty-why do you act so stupid!" Keith looked as if she had slapped him. "honey, I said I was sorry !" he said softly. "but why do you have to say such cruel things, why are you so cold, and meanspirited? Do you realize how much pain you cause or you just don't give a damn?" Dawn backed away, and looked at him like he had lost it. "you wanna talk about pain!" she shouted. "look at my damn kitchen! I just cleaned it before I left, do you really think I wanna come home and see it looking like this!" "I had pictured coming home to a nice clean kithchen and now look what I get! Keith backed away, as if her words were fists coming toward his face. "honey I didn't mean-" '"S - A-V- E I- T! she drawled maliciously, her face a mask of anger. "You have ruined my rugs, my curtains, and now my dress all because you're too stupid to see, you can't cook! Keith looked beaten."honey I just wanted to hug my wife, sorry I sure did not mean to ruin your precious dress!" With that he turned and slammed out of the house leaving Dawn to clean the mess..... As you can tell from the above illustration Keith is a kinestetic. (note the happy smile, the mess and the desire for an instant hug so badly -he forgot about his dirty hands) You can also tell that Dawn is a visual (note the emphasis on clean, the fancy clothes and sudden irritation at the sight of the mess. If they don't start to learn each other's language soon, this marriage will disintegrate, especially since Keith felt that Dawn had hurt his feelings on purpose and did not really give a damn. They were both wrong. Keith should have never let her see the kitchen in that condition, and dawn should not have overreacted. The point is not knowing why someone is doing what they are doing can be detrimental and even lethal to a relationship. But knowing can smooth the way to greater love, harmony and rapport. -Thanks for coming see you next post.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Reprint- You and me against the world - (The Feelings man)

Hi ladies, This is a reprint from 2 years ago- on reg. blog, but the reason I am including it is because it has a great lesson, and it keeps me from having to teach this lesson all over again (you can get it from this story)
Afterwards in a few days- I will post the answers and we'll go over it. Sorry this blog has been neglected. My baby takes alot of my time these days, but I will try to get it back on time-track and keep it that way. Thanks for all your support, and happy reading..... This story is about a (feelings man,) see if you can spot the clues.... Read the following story, and see if you can find at least 5 clues that tell you this is a feelings man.
Brandi pulled herself to her feet and staggered to the bathroom. It was only 5:30 in the morning and already she had to go. She had to drop Lexi off at daycare, and get to her menial job before they were out on the streets. She sighed, and raked her fingers through her long, thick brown hair. God, she hated her life! She made her way down the narrow hallway stubbing her foot on one of Lexi's 'little people' toys. Luckily no one heard the profanity that escaped her lips. Such a pretty woman swearing like a sailor would have shocked anyone within earshot. In the tiny living room, she stopped and peered at her beautiful daughter asleep on a dingy mattress. She had been saving to buy her a bed, yet every time she had the money, a bill seemed to pop up out of nowhere. She watched her baby sleep peacefully. she had no idea what a hard life awaited her. She deserved a much better life than this, why the hell couldn't she give it to her? She stared at 2 year old, Lexi's blond curls and cherub cheeks. Her beautiful baby came to her in a most horrifying way.....
Less than 3 years ago, she had taken a short cut home from college. She had been tired and wanted to get home and to a hot bath desperately. She had been warned like all the other college girls not to cut through the park, but had not heeded the warning. "young and stupid" she thought to herself wryly. "just young and stupid" At the time she had been naive and trusting. Nothing too bad had ever happened to her. Yes, she had been poor, and struggling yet, she had been in college and she knew she would graduate to better money and a brighter future. A future where life would be so much more of everything she had dreamed of....
She had never even heard the monster behind her until it was too late. He had slid up like the snake he was, and before she knew it a powerful arm had been thrown across her throat. She was dragged into the woods, and her nightmare began. The terror that had engulfed her was unbelievable!
"Hey sweet thing," he had whispered maliciously, as he ran his filthy hands over Brandi's struggling body. "nothing tastes quite as sweet as chocolate-does it?"
He had cackled at his own joke before throwing Brandi down and raping her repeatedly in the cold dew of the grass....
Afterwards, everyone had told her be grateful to be alive, yet grateful was not what she was feeling. Her sister Dana (the only family she had) had helped her pick up the pieces afterwards. The humiliating exam, the questions, the white doctors who had seemed terribly anxious to strip her so they could see the 'bruises' She had flashes of what the slave women must have endured as their leering faces reveled in her naked body. It was about this time that her hatred and mistrust of whites began to grow....
The monster who raped her had been white, the doctors who leered at her, had been white and the cops, who she was sure, had not bothered looking for the monster, had been white.
What did they care what he did to a lovely young, up and coming black woman she thought bitterly.
"What do they care that she had been so traumatized, that she had been unable to go back to college, and lost all of her dreams, and that now she was a f*cking maid! The only one who had stood by her had been Dana. Even her boyfriend Jerome had dumped her.
I guess the thought of me being tainted by a white man made me used goods she thought sadly. Long before he had even known she was pregnant with Lexi, He had abandoned her. She sat at the table and let the tears fall for just a few minutes before pulling herself back up and getting off to work...... By the time Brandi had taken the 2 buses, dropped off the baby to daycare, and made it to 'the Holcomb residence, she was 20 minutes late. She sighed as she rushed into the foyer and hung up her coat. Mimi (the other maid) gave her a warning look just as Ms Holcomb strode into the hallway. Her sharp features were pointed and severe, just like her personality. Only her eyes were pretty. Deep ocean blue with gold flecks and long lashes. Whenever she looked at Brandi, her nose seemed to scape the ceiling a little more than usual, but she continually seemed to have that Rich bitch aura about her. She had run through a dozen maids in less than 2 years because she was so hard to take. Brandi held her breath, as Ms Holcomb's blue eyes raked her over now. As much as she hated her job, she needed it desperately. Nothing else paid enough for her to make her bills, pay the baby's daycare and keep them in that little shit of an apartment.
"Did you just come in?" Ms Holcomb's voice was high and accusing.
"Oh no mam am", Mimi rushed to her rescue.
"I sent her to the store". Ms Holcomb, who seemed to like Mimi for some unknown reason, glanced sharply at Mimi, as if to check her face for the truth. Then satisfied, she nodded.
"Well, as you know our wonderful-handsome son will be coming this week" She advised proudly. " And this house must shine! -Mr Holcomb may also have some chores for you. You'll have to check with him. "
She spun on her overpriced heels and strode away. Brandi breathed a sigh of relief. "thanks so much!" she whispered gratefully to Mimi.
"oh girl-don't worry about it, she's just pissed 'cause her son is almost as stubborn and opinionated as she is, she so damn ornery!" Mimi chuckled.
"that's a nice way of putting it ". Brandi told her.
They worked side by side, for hours as they talked about their dreams and plans, growing closer and closer.
She had only known Mimi for a while now. She had worked here before for 3 years, yet had moved away to be with her husband in the military. They had, had 3 kids before he promptly dumped her and ran off with another woman. Mimi had been forced to hock everything they owned to try to survive. When that didn't work, she took her babies and crawled back home where Ms Holcomb had been kind enough to give her, her old job back. But now her life was just as hard, and unfortunate as Brandi's. Maybe even harder since she had 3 children instead of just one.
By 3:00 Brandi was tired, hungry and agitated. Sweat poured down her forehead as she struggled to clean the pool area, and then the gazebo. This was just a self standing room off the pool area made specifically for changing one's swimsuit, and taking a fast shower. It contained a small rack, two nice sofas, and a small dresser,equipped with a peice of heavy, and thick material on top, that enabled it to double as a changing table for babies. A small corner bathroom completed the picture. Yet even though it was just a simple pool changing room, it was still nicer than anything in her apartment.
my baby will never know a life like this she thought sadly. She was hungry and cross. why do some people get to live like this?, She asked herself irately. while the rest of us have to scrape and struggle. Why, this damn dressing room is bigger than my whole living room! she thought in depressed amazement. So engrossed was she in her sad life, she did not hear the door open abruptly.
" Oh! " Brandi gasped, as she dropped the load of clean towels on the freshly scrubbed floor. A tall blond, solidly built man stood before her. He had Ms Holcomb's beautiful blue and gold eyes.
"I.. I'm sorry I scared you" his voice was gentle and kind. Totally contradicting his large, lumberjack appearance. He knelt to help Brandi pick up the towels. She could smell the scent of a very expensive Cologne wafting from his football player-sized body. She could only imagine how she smelled, after hours of manual labor. Probably like a locker-room. she thought wryly. She brushed her sweaty hair from her face and really allowed herself to look at him. He was quite handsome with a chiseled, Marlboro man, type appearance. She could see Ms Holcomb's coloring and sharpness to his feature, yet on him they worked perfectly. Obviously he was the coveted son. He was glancing toward the floor as if he were afraid to meet her eyes.
"I'm John William Holcomb. " he murmured quietly.
" But everybody just calls me JW."
Quietly he slid his hand out to her. Brandi stared at his large hand. Did he really want to shake the hand of the hired help? She thought bitterly, as she stared at him. She knew his mother would not touch her with a ten foot pole! Slowly she stuck her hand out and took his, looking up into his beautiful ocean-deep blue eyes.
"I ain't crazy about white people," she thought silently.
"but if I was, this is the one I'd be looking for".
"Your mom said you would be in later in the week" she told him. He shrugged.
"Yeah, that was the plan, but we got in early and thought thought we'd surprise everyone. He looked toward the floor and then gently back at Brandi.
"have you been working here long? I don't remember you-and I know I would definitely remember you!"
Brandi felt her face grow hot but her dark skin kept her secret. Was he coming on to her? She shook her head, obviously she was imagining things once again.
"Ah, I've been here just a few months," she answered, rushing to finish up and leave.
Something about him made her feel nervous and school-girl stupid. Maybe it was that sweet, kind look on his face or the fact that he shook her hand, and introduced himself or whatever! She knew for a fact men, especially white men were not kind and sweet! they were hard and mean and diabolical! She realized he had asked her a question, but she was so caught up in her own thoughts she hadn't heard him. She shook her head stupidly and looked up at him.
"I said, what is your name?" he repeated looking rather amused.
"oh!, ah-it's Brandi" She answered, wondering why the hell he should care.
His mother still could not seem to get her name right even though she had been working here for almost 4 months. She had called her everything from Bracey to Mandy.
"That's a pretty name for a beautiful woman" he smiled softly, revealing teeth so perfect, he could do a pepsident commercial.
Brandi stared at him. Now she was really confused. What did he want- and how could he be so different from his mother? Or was it all an act? that's exactly what it was, she decided. This asshole thought he would use her for a chocolate fantasy, Not! Try again, she thought angrily. She turned to him,
"I have to get back to work Mr Holcomb, if you don't mind."
Her voice was clipped and short. His brows raised in surprise, then lowered in disappointment.
"Did I say something wrong? " He asked Brandi's retreating back.
" wait! I wanted to know-" It was too late- he was talking to the wind because Brandi was gone....... John sat at the expensive mahogany table while the servants moved around him trying to anticipate his desires, and fill them before he asked. Weird, he was so damn sick of this life. Sycophants catering to his every whim. A guaranteed take over of his fathers company, the spoiled, selfish rich girls who only wanted him for his name and pedigree. Women, who he knew, did not give a damn for the real man behind the persona. Heartless, materialistic predatory women. Discontent flooded his soul. He didn't even know any REAL women! Just fake, overly made up country club bimbos! Then he thought about his own life and knew he really couldn't talk, everything had been handed to him on a silver platter as well. He could not respect a man who warmed his feet at another man's fire. This was his father's fire and he knew without a doubt, he needed to make his own. He also knew he needed a real woman, not a shallow, sprayed up, made-up accessory to take to the country club. He watched through the window as the maid he had just met in the gazebo, carefully washed the outside windows, struggling to reach higher and higher. He resisted the urge to offer her help, somehow he knew she'd rebuff him. He felt so much admiration and respect for her. Mimi had told him all about her life including the rape and her subsequent child, who, he was told, she adored beyond words. She had obviously had it very hard yet she came to work everyday and toiled on. He knew plenty of women who, would sometimes break down if they broke a damn nail, and here this girl with almost nothing toiled on trying to make a better life for her child. The admiration he felt for her was almost palpable. She caught him starring at her through the window, and he smiled an embarrassed smile. She turned away quickly. The walls around her soul were obviously hard and thick, yet somehow, someway he knew he'd find a way to break through-he fervently hoped so anyway....... She thought about him as she put the pail away and headed home that night with her crying baby in her arms. The apartment was cold and dark. Lexi was crying because she was hungry and Brandi was crying because there was nothing to feed her. She mixed up some crackers, added water to make a mush and fed it to Lexi, who was so hungry, she wolfed it down. Brandi ate a few crackers herself and resolved to save the rest for her baby. She watched Lexi fall asleep, thinking to herself, "I've got to do something, we can't go on like this"......
The next couple of weeks were a blur, for one thing, she was so hungry she felt like blacking out, and for another, Lexi was sick, probably because she was not getting enough to eat. She cried all night long. Brandi was at her wit's end with worry. She had to get some money! Lexi was not getting enough to eat and she needed medicine. Brandi moved like the living dead, her problems weighing her down like an anchor. Luckily for her, the Holcomb's were out of town for the next few days, so they would not see her moving like a snail. She was just thinking she would have to call her sister for a loan, when Mimi approached her.
"Mr Holcomb wants to see you upstairs, now" she told her. Brandi felt a knot in her stomach. She had forgotten about Mr Holcomb Jr.! She mentally tried to think what she could have done wrong.
"Do you know why?" she asked worriedly. Mimi shrugged.
" I ain't got no idea" She looked closely at Brandi's stark face.
"Don't worry" she said, flipping her hand "He's the nice one.-remember? "
"Oh God, I hope so" Brandi thought anxiously. Then just in case, she made a short prayer. Dear lord, please don't let him fire me! She begged quickly.
She moved down the luxury hall like a zombie and walked gingerly through the double doors at the end. JW was sitting in a lazy boy in front of a large screen tv, fresh from the shower. He was clad in only a towel. He turned slowly toward her. "Close the door" he commanded. Brandi's arm felt like wood as she closed the door. Was he going to rape her or fire her, at this point she just wasn't sure which would be worse.
"What do you need sir?" she asked quietly, dreading the answer.
He motioned her over. "Brandi do you know how to give a message? I usually go in to have them done but my regular girl is ill."
Brandi stiffened. "Did he really think she was that stupid? She started to tell him to go to hell when he reached into his wallet and pulled out 200.00 placing it in her astonished hands. Brandi stared at the money, her heart beginning to race wildly. She felt like she was going to pass out! 200.00! It was enough to feed them for 2 months, if she spent carefully! Oh my God! she thought incredulously. Is it real? He watched her quietly for a moment, he could feel how badly she needed the money, although she had not said a word. He had devised this ruse so he could give her some help without offending her. Mimi had told him that she had a sick baby, and he knew for a fact she ate nothing on her breaks. He figured it was because she just couldn't afford to. Brandi moved toward him. She wanted to jump on him and give him the world's biggest hug, but she restained herself, and tried to play it cool. Although she failed miserably when she tried to keep the big smile off her face. JW got up and laid on his king sized bed, and Brandi slowly and thankfully, began to gently message his back and shoulders. She was wondering if he knew how much help he had just given her! This money was so needed, she didn't even have the words to thank him. But soon she found herself fascinated by the pinkish-white color of his skin, so different from her own. It was obvious he worked out alot. His muscles rippled like cords,beneath her hands. "You work out" she stated quietly.
"Yes, absolutely. " he told her, turning slightly to see her face. "Nothing feels better than working out"......He looked at her pointedly, letting his eyes drift slowly over her body
"I take that back " he murmured, laughing to himself.
" There's something that definitely feels better! " Brandi swatted him playfully "Behave or this will be your last message,"she told him. He threw his hands up in mock surrender. "ok, ok I'm sorry" He laid back and just enjoyed the feeling. There was little he enjoyed more than a good message and her touch was amazing! He could also feel her gratitude as she worked his back, and kneaded his neck. Her dark fingers moving over his pale flesh like an expert.
"feel free to go below that towel" he joked, as Brandi worked the hemline of the terry cloth covering his lower body. She laughed, and shook her head.
"what am I going to do with you? she asked. She bent to kiss his cheek affectionately. She was so happy and grateful, she felt almost giddy. Now she would be able to buy food and medicine for her baby!...... The next Friday Ms Holcomb threw a party for some of JW's friends. Brandi could hear them laughing from the outdoor grill/pool area. She wondered what it would be like to feel so carefree and young
" Here girl, " Ms Holcomb snapped her from her reverie.
"Take these drinks out" Reluctantly Brandi took the large tray and braced herself as she headed toward the noise. The last thing she wanted to do was bother with these snobs. Just as she suspected, all of JW's friends had that 'rich' look to them. And the superior air that went with it. Brandi felt very uncomfortable near all these wealthy people, so she bowed her head, and averted her eyes.
" Oh, how sweet! " a snooty blond purred.
" We have to practically beg our sorry ass servants to bring drinks!" The group laughed loudly. Brandi walked the length of the pool collecting the dirty dishes and returning them to the main house. She moved as fast as she could, yet still Ms Holcomb was complaining that it was not fast enough. It was getting dark, and she needed to leave soon, she was hoping to sneak out and make it to the bus stop without having to deal with anymore bull from Ms Holcomb, but it didn't happen that way......
The dark jag slid in just as the street lights came on. JW slid from the car and walked in quietly, just in time to hear Ms Holcomb screaming at Brandi about moving too slow among the guests. Brandi nodded quietly, praying it was time to leave this hell hole for the day. But Ms H. was not done. " I'm so tired of your incompetence, she shrieked. "Either move faster, or move on! And I need you to re- clean that bathroom, it's atrocious-" Brandi gaped at her. Ms Holcomb knew what time she had to leave!
"oh, Ms Holcomb I can't! I have to lea-"
"oh yes you can! " Ms Holcomb snapped. " You left the wrong rugs on the floor, you didn't clean the toilet properly and-" Annabelle, (the upstairs maid) broke in, "Ms Holcomb, I'll do it mamam, she has to leave or she'll miss her bus." Brandi could feel herself breaking into a sweat. The next bus would be over an hour! That would put her over 30 minutes late to pick up Lexi! She would owe her daycare 3.00 per minute in late fees! Why was this woman doing this to her? Why did she try to make her life miserable, and make her late every single day? That bathroom was spotless! She was deliberately making her miss her bus and owe late fees on her daycare just for the hell of it! Brandi felt desperate tears well up. She had to leave now!
"Oh no, she will do it, or she needn't come back! "
Ms Holcomb's face was red with anger and hatred. She turned and faced Brandi. "Either you stay, or not only will I fire you, I will make sure you never work in this town again!" Brandi's face crumpled slowly. She stared at Ms Holcomb through dark, and soul-sad eyes. She had never done anything to Ms Holcomb-why was she doing this?
"Ms Holcomb, Please! I can't stay!" she whispered desperately.
"Nor, do you have to!" A strong, angry voice bellowed.
They both turned in time to see JW standing there. His handsome face was red with anger.
"Brandi, get your things- I'll take you home" His voice was quiet and deadly.
Ms Holcomb's face turned beet red in embarrassment.
"Oh honey, you see-" JW held up a very large hand that stopped her flat.
"Mom, I am so ashamed of you," he said flatly.
"If anyone had ever told me, you could treat someone like that, I would have called them a liar!"
Ms Holcomb's lower lip began to tremble, as she followed them outside. "Son, you don't under-" JW's look silenced her. "I understand perfectly well what's going on," he told her. "You enjoy seeing how much pain you can inflict on those less fortunate than you!" He turned on his heels and got in the car, speeding away with Ms Holcomb calling after him..... They barely made it out of the security gate before Brandi broke down and cried. He did not ask why, he knew. He pulled over and gathered her in his arms kissing her cheek and holding her close.
"You wanna talk about it," he asked quietly.
"not right now," she whispered, He held her close as he drove the rest of the way. At Little tykes daycare, Brandie pulled herself together, and they went inside to pick up her baby. Ms beans, the coordinator was shocked to see her with JW, especially when he insisted on paying the entire month's bill including the late charges! Brandi was so grateful, she was speechless. She made a mental note to thank him later on. She could see the other mothers giving her jealous looks from the corner of her eye. JW was probably the most coveted bachelor in the state, and they were wondering what the hell he was doing with her. Brandi walked out with Lexi happily babbling in her arms. She saw JW glance at Lexi's blond hair and gray eyes. He said nothing, yet strangely did not look at all surprised. As they pulled up in front of her house, he glanced at the baby in her arms.
"Can I hold her?" he asked quietly. Instantly Brandi froze and clutched her baby to her chest. Then turning, she jumped from the car and backed away. How dare him ask to hold her baby! JW's face looked alarmed. He turned off the ignition and slowly unwound his large frame from the car. Coming up beside Brandi, he gently touched her arm.
"Brandi I don't know what people have done to you," He told her softly.
"But I would never hurt you or your baby, I swear."
Brandi shook her head, trying to blot out the pain that was her life.
"Just don't ask to hold my baby! " she hissed.
"you don't know us like that!" She expected him to get back in the car and have her fired, if she wasn't already. She was not expecting the sad look that crossed his face. It was almost like he was looking into her face, and seeing her life and how much pain she had gone through. Birthing her rapist's child. Hungry many nights so her baby could eat, struggling to pay anything, and struggling to survive. His warm face was full of compassion. She had not known a man could be so compassionate, especially a white man. Gently he put his big arms around both Brandi and her child encircling them both in a much needed hug.
"I'll never hurt either of you, I promise"
Lexi giggled. "momma kin eat?" she murmured.
"yes baby, we'll eat soon" Brandi told her, wondering what she would feed her. "Actually, I was about to go get something myself- and I really hate to eat alone, would you join me?"
Brandi shook her head "oh no, I ah, I'm sure I took something out and-"
JW looked at her steadily, knowing she was lying.
"Put it back in" He commanded, taking her hand.
"I'll let you go take a shower and pick you ladies up in an hour ok?"
Brandi shook her head "No, I told you-"
But he was jumping into the car like he hadn't heard her. "One hour!" He reminded her before speeding off, Brandi looked at Lexi, and smiled
"Well baby, I guess we could use a nice meal huh?"
Lexi looked back at he mother with hope, and trust in her eyes, and Brandi watched JW's car pull away, not realizing she was looking at him the same way...... The following months were the happiest of Brandi's life. Ever so slowly JW mananged to work his way into their lives. He took them to restaurants, shows museums and even the country club. Brandi was having a ball but she knew it was just a matter of time before his family found out, and all hell broke lose. Ms Holcomb had no idea that after he'd taken her home that night he kept seeing her. She knew the time with him was limited, that was why she had decided to enjoy every minute of it. It was like a whole new world, that she had never dreamed of. Whenever she was with him she felt, beautiful, desireable, and free! Most of all free, free from poverty, drudgery and constant worries. But she was a realist. She knew it could not last. When his family found out, he would drop her like a bad habit and the pain would be terrible, but she was going to get everything she could get before that happened. That's why she had planned to ask him to buy her a small car but it hadn't been nesessary. After they dated for just a few weeks, he had taken her and bought her a small beamer much like one of his own. Brandi was estactic! So was Lexi, even a baby knows the difference between freezing at the bus stop or riding in a warm comfortable car. Soon he had them out of their rat-infested apartment and into a small, house at the end of a cul-de-sak. Brandi felt insane happiness, the house was just a tiny 3 bedroom, bungalo, but perfect for her and Lexi. To them it was a mansion! They absolutely loved it, and they both loved JW. But now her dreams were haunted with the thought of when he would leave. What would she do without him? He'd had been a god-send in their lives. And what about her baby? Just yesterday Lexi had called him daddy! The fear began to take on a life of it's own, and to gnaw at her. Every day she was scared that this would be the day it would all end. One night six months into their relationship, JW came over with chinese food and a few movies. They ate, cuddled, and kissed while they watched the movies. Lexi was asleep so they both tucked her into bed. Brandi sighed, she was so happy for the first time in her life! JW had made a few calls and arranged for her to go back and finish college, and her baby was safe and warm. She was no longer taking the bus in the freezing cold, having to leave 2 hours early, and most of all she owned a small but beautiful home for the first time ever!
well, at least if he walks away now, we're 1000% better off she tried to tell herself, but the thought of losing him made her feel wretchedly ill, and hopelessly lost.
"I don't think I can ever thank you " she whispered.
"Oh, I think you can!" he chuckled, shooting her a naughty look.
Brandi laughed, and wrapped her arms around his neck, reaching up- she kissed his soft lips. That was all the encouragement JW needed, leaning down he kissed her face, her thoat and finally her lips. pulling back for just a second, he looked at her closely.
Baby if you're not ready just say so, I would never push you, you know that."
He was holding his breath, he had been waiting for...well, forever it felt like!....
"I'm ready ," she murmered simply. JW gave a whoop of joy that make Brandi laugh out loud. Then easily lifting her up like a precious jewel. He carried her to the bedroom, and laid her gently on the comforter.
"You and me against the world forever, remember that" he told her.
They made love again and again, he took his time and kissed and stroked every part of her. Never had she been touched so reverently. Never had sex been so intimate and loving. The connection was indescribable, all she knew was that He was the one! She no longer cared that he was white, she no longer even noticed anymore. All she knew was that she loved him and wanted him forever. Brandi was so happy she felt like crying, but JW's next words made the tears come in a torrent.
"It's you and me against the world right? " He seemed to be holding his breath. "Yes" she answered softly.
"Then marry me baby-"
He didn't get to finish the sentence before Brandi threw herself wildly-estastically into his arms......... Ms holcomb dabbed at her eyes, as she looked at the photo album. The picture of her son as a young child, always made her cry. Those times were so simple and easy. He had adored her then. He had followed her everywhere, and looked at her like she was the Madonna. These days the only time she got to see him was when she traveled the long drive and watched him through the company windows. He had started his own company, which had merged with Holcomb Enterprises after his father had a heart attack, and could no longer handle the company alone. She stared at his smiling face at the age of three. She could still remember how he had always adored her like she was a precious jewel. Then her mind took an unwanted trip back 4 years ago when that black slut had stolen him away. They had come to the house right after eloping as if that would make it acceptable. Horrible things had come from her mouth. She had screamed obscentities until her husband had called the doctor to come with a seditive. But he had not gotten there in time to stop her from saying the most damaging thing of all. She had pulled herself to her full height and faced her only beloved son. She had told him that unless he annulled this marriage immediately, his mother was dead to him and he was never to set foot in their home again, or show his face in these parts. He had turned to her with shock, horror and sadness on his face that tore at her soul. He had looked at Bambi (or whatever that slut's name was) and then back at her. Tears had poured down his sweet face as he told her
" Mom, I love you, I always will, but this IS my wife. Please don't ever ask me to choose between the two of you because you will lose!"
The girl had let her breath out in a whoosh, and had thrown her self into JW's arms crying tears of relief. She had heard her son whisper to the girl
"you and me against the world, remember that." Soon after, they had left, never to come back. Lowering her head, she gave into the racking sobs. Four long, sad endless years without her son. Why had she ever made such a ridiculous ultimatum! What had she been thinking?
If only I could take that moment back! she thought, desparately. She was crying so hard, she never heard the door open.... "what sa matter? She whirled around to see a very pretty tiny brown face peering at her. It was a little brown girl dressed in a yellow Barbie dress. Behind her was a duplicate of her in a pink Barbie dress. Ms Holcomb stared at them. "who were these children? Where did they come from? Something about them looked familiar, yet she could not put her finger on it. They both came toward her and stared up at her. Their beautiful little eyes full of questions. Then suddenly it hit her they had blue eyes!!! Blue eyes with gold flecks!! - like her eyes!
"OH MY GOD! " she jumped up. Praying, but not daring to believe it might be true. Both children jumped back in fear at her outburst. "Now see what you've done mom, you scared my babies!" She swung around to see her precious son watching her with a sweet sad smile on his face.Time stood still, as she blinked, could it be true? Was it really him,or was she imagining things! He seemed to read her mind.
"Mom, it me, " he said gently.
It only took seconds but it felt like hours to cross the room and get to him. Then he was in her arms just like she had dreamed of for four long years.
"I'm so sorry," she gasped over and over, as tears of joy washed away the pain. Their hugs and kisses were eternal, but still not long enough for her. No hug could ever be long enough! Her son-her precious son was really here-and she had another chance! Her heart was bursting, and she couldn't seem to stop the tears! JW too, seemed to be having alot of trouble controlling his tears, he swiped roughly at his eyes and motioned to the door.
"Mom, my wife," he said, with a voice choked full of emotion. Brandi came in with 6 yr old Lexi holding tight to her hand, they both looked like scared rabbits as they looked up at her. She, and Lexi both stared timidly at Ms Holcomb not knowing what to expect. Mrs. holcomb stared at Brandi for just a second, and then slowly wrapped her arms around them both....
Name 5 clues that let you know that JW is a kinestetic (feelings man) See if you can find them before the next post. (part 2)

Friday, July 17, 2009

The girls of hollingsworth Part 2 -Karma!

Sorry this conclusion took so long. I had completely forgotten about it, until I got an email. Anyway to refresh yourself on part 1, You will have to scroll way down........... The next day at practice, Selena took the rounded up girls through a rigorous routine. Melody had an appointment, so she was in charge just like she liked it. She noted with satisfaction that most of them seemed to be afraid of her. She liked that too. When she stopped the formation to yell at a shy girl named Kelly, she thought the girl was going to cry she seemed so intimidated. "Can't you get the step, you stupid fool?" Selena demanded. "I...I'm so sorry." Kelly stammered. "I guess I was concentrating too hard" "Well my guess is you have no business being here! " Selena practically shouted. "Since you missed the damn step 3 times!" "Well, you're making me nervous!" Kelly cried out. Selena was about to tell her to shut the hell up, when she went on. " You're so perfect, and so popular, and you're a shoo in for homecoming queen! So I was just a little nervous-I just need one more chance, please Selena!- I promise I'll get it!" Suddenly Selena was smiling and sweet. All her anger toward Kelly had vanished. This girl definitely knew how to suck up, and she always appreciated a good sycophant. They should all treat me this good! She thought to herself, as she motioned a relieved Kelly back into formation. She noted with disgust that both Samantha, and Madison had no trouble at all. Damn! She had planned several ways to embarrass them, but they were both at the top of their game, and dammit, Madison had worn a sport's bra-so she couldn't even yell at her for jiggling breasts. She made the routine harder and harder and made more and more demands on the girls, but the only ones who floundered were girls who absolutely adored her, so obviously she was not too interested in destroying them in front of everyone. She'd put them in their place in private. But damn that Madison! Why did that tramp have to be so good! 2 hours later, and even Selena's body could take no more. She signaled for an end to practice as Cami came over and handed her a cool drink. Selena snatched it gratefully and took a long swig as they made their way toward the locker room. "Girl, dat workout almost kil mee!" Cami laughed. "Yeah, I guess that's why you left formation and went to get a drink-huh" Selena gave Cami a sidelong glance. Cami looked away sheepishly. She hadn't realized Selena had noticed her sneak away. "Yeah, I saw you! " Selena laughed, She stopped and bent over, trying to catch her breath "Oh my God- my body aches-I cannot wait to hit that shower!" "Yes, please Selena, take shower! " Cami agreed tooting up her nose. "Listen girlfriend, you would stink too, IF you had done the WHOLE practice!" Cami laughed as she bounced off to her locker. Selena giggled as she watched Melody pull back a long thick rubber band straight into the backside of a bent over freshmen. She girl screamed and jumped a foot in the air. She looked at Melody who glared back at her. "Say something, " She whispered maliciously. "I dare you". The girl turned and tried to hobble past Selena. "How dare you get your trailer park ass so close to me!" Selena hissed. She gave her a hard shove, that sent her reeling into a tall locker. A set of books someone had placed on top came crashing down on her head. The girl screamed, and Melody kicked her in the stomach to make her shut up. She lay in a heap, and began to cry as both girls broke into peels of laughter. High School was such fun! And she had her pick of victims-It just didn't get any cooler than that! A moment later Selena came around the corner to her locker and bumped right into Madison. She was fresh from a shower, and wearing only a towel. Her smooth brown skin looked like a lotion commercial, and she had an undeniable air of class about her. "Excuse me." Madison said quietly, Selena suddenly realized this was the perfect time to put the plan, they had discussed, into action. She moved close to Madison, her voice was sugary sweet. "Oh, that's ok Maddy. my fault really" She moved closer still, and slipped her arm around Madison's shoulder, and noted how fast it tensed up. "I've been meaning to talk to you anyway. You are so good on the team, and some of the other girls could really use some help" Madison's face was at first tight, but relaxed as Selena talked. She never noticed Selena guiding her to toward the door that led to the hallway. About 1000 kids would race up and down that hall every time the bell rang, and the bell was about to ring in exactly 2 minutes. Selena caught Tracey's eye across the room. Tracey was an old friend and if anyone was meaner than Selena, it was Tracey. Tracey's eyes were laughing. She knew exactly what was up, they had planned this last week. She moved toward the far wall, and waited. As soon as Selena had Madison just near the door, Melody moved into place, and casually pulled a bowl of oil they had carefully hidden in the top of an abandoned locker. She set it close by, and then pulled open the door to the hall. Madison felt the draft on her back and turned to her left. At that moment Tracey came from the right, and ripped the towel away from her naked body! Selena gave a hard shove, and Madison flew through the door and fell naked to the hall floor- her large breasts slapped the tile floor as she fell screaming. Selena laughed. "Take that you cow-titted bitch!" She shrieked. Melody stepped forward and swiftly threw the cooking oil over the screaming girl-knowing this would make it almost impossible for her to get up without help. Then the large door was promptly slammed behind her-at the same time, a wall of people came down the hall! The girls laughed hysterically as they listened to her horrified screams and struggles to get to her feet, and away from groping, grabbing, cat calling strangers! Madison begged and pleaded for the girls to let her in, as more and more hands came roughly toward her naked body. Grabbing and clawing at her like dogs in heat. The more she tried to get away, the more she slipped on the oil. Several boys whipped out their cell phones and took X-rated shots of her as she slid in the greasy puddle. Madison screamed and cried and tried to get back inside, but to no avail. She pounded on the door every time she made it to her feet, but without fail someone would push her back down again, so they could take more shots of her naked body, and cop more feels. All 3 girls, laughed as they held the door closed. The boys were cat-calling, laughing, and calling their friends to come join in as Madison screamed and cried outside the door. When she tried to crawl away, they blocked her, and a large boy named Jack, who took the lead in this mock rape, told two of the other boys to pull her legs apart for better pictures. Some of the girls in the hall were too horrified to move, but some ran for help. A few moments later, there was what sounded like a roar. And John appeared like a bulldozer. He had 2 of his best friends with him. Matt and Brian. All 3 were well built weight lifters, and all 3 were mad as hell. Brian turned to Jack and yanked him away from Madison. He then slammed the heavy set boy into the wall so hard, it shook. Jack's cell phone fell to the floor, and Brian took vengeful delight in stomping on it. Matt didn't bother to discriminate as to who did what. His punishing fist caught many unfortunate boys as they tried to get away. One boy, wearing a long jacket, who had repeatedly pushed Madison to the floor, found himself slammed to the floor by John's big fist. Then his long leather jacket was ripped from his body to wrap Madison in. She flung herself sobbing into John's arms as he wrapped the fallen boy's jacket around her. Murmuring in her ear that it was going to ok, and that he loved her. But his blood was boiling! How dare them do this! How dare them treat her this way! She could have been raped in this hall before they'd gotten there! What kind of evil people did things like this! He was so tired of women mistreating and conspiring against his girl just because she was beautiful, and built like a playboy model. 'those bitches are gonna pay! ' He thought angrily, 'no matter what, those bitches are gonna pay! He looked up and saw the 3 girls laughing as they peeked from the gym room door. Everything inside of him wanted to smash their popular faces, but hitting a woman went against everything he believed in. He led his sobbing girlfriend away, and tried to focus on getting her somewhere she could feel safe, as a dark rage churned slowly inside of him..... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It was a solid month before Madison could be persuaded to go back to school. By that time Selena, with the help of Tracey had gotten the video from some one's phone, and posted it on the Internet. Madison in all her nakedness was there for everyone with a computer to view. She planned to deny it was her if the school officials got involved. The entire school had downloaded the show, and many had passed it on to their friends in neighboring schools. Many people thought she was drunk, they had bad video versions, and could not figure out why she couldn't get off the floor. Madison had to deal with people calling her slut constantly, and boys who felt they could take liberties because of the video. Her parents finally found out, and filed a lawsuit against the site since Madison was still a minor, as well as the school. Suddenly the school got involved. They searched lockers, checked bags, and confiscated the video everywhere they found it. Slowly it was revealed (to kids that had no idea what happened) that Madison was a victim, and her reputation was restored. At that point many people went out of their way to be friendly, but she was still haunted by the pain, humiliation and trauma of it all. Since neither Selena or Melody had been connected to the episode, they both felt smug in the fact that they were home free. They were in the lunch room that Friday. They had about 22 minutes before the period ended. "Why do you think she didn't tell on us? Melody asked Selena. Selena shrugged. "Obviously she knew I'd kick her ass! She answered simply. Melody thought about the horrified look on Madison's face as she struggled on the floor like a skinned eel. The picture made her laugh out loud. "I would've told anyway." She giggled. Just then, a new freshmen passing by, stopped at the table. "Can I sit here? " She asked meekly. Selena's lips curled mischievously. She leaned forward and knocked the girl's tray from her hands. It landed with a loud clap, and the contents went all over her summer dress. The girl jumped back in shock and horror . "Why?" Selena asked breezily, "You don't even have any food!" Melody threw her head back and laughed, as the girl turned red with embarrassed humiliation and ran for the exit. Selena and Tracey joined in. They never noticed the shadow come upon the table until Cami nudged Melody, and they all looked up. There stood Madison. She was dressed in black jeans, and a pretty pink top. Her hair was pulled back, and her make up was sexy and classy all in one. She was staring at them without a trace of apprehension. Samantha, and John's younger sister Casey stood right behind her. "You're the most despicable people I've ever known!" Madison said softly. "I had planned to change schools after what you monsters did to me, but I knew I had to come back for all the other victims of your plots. And lo and behold-here you are again making life miserable for a shy new girl. How typical!" Samantha's gray eyes instantly pulled into slits. She jerked her head toward Madison. "Maddy, are you telling me that these are the ones who threw you in the hall... 'that way'!?" She accused loudly. "You told me you never saw who did it!" Madison's eyes were locked onto Selena's. "I lied. " She admitted. " I didn't want you to do something and get in trouble Sam" She no longer looked like the broken bird lying on that hard floor crying. There was a new strength about her now. Madison backed up, with a disgusted look on her face. "Lets go y'all-I've already told my parents, and they're going to handle this." Samantha exchanged glances with Casey, as if they had some secret code. Casey nodded. " We'll catch up Maddy, meet us at the gym" Samantha called to Madison over her shoulder. Her eyes were steely cold. Selena involuntarily shivered. Everyone at the table could feel the enmity coming off of Samantha. She turned to them with eyes filled with hate. "We need to meet after school, so we can work this out" She said quietly. It was obvious she didn't want Madison, who was walking away, to over hear. "F--k you white girl!" Melody spat. "There's nothin to work out, now get the hell outta here, before you get hurt!" Samantha stepped back from the table and took off her book bag. "Show me hon, don't tell me -I'm a little hard of hearing" Casey was also taking off her bag. Selena grew a little nervous. They couldn't actually be talking about fighting! Why Casey and Sam were both white! White girls didn't fight-right? But looking at their faces, she knew that's exactly what they intended to do. Melody jumped up and grabbed her tray. "Look, I've got someplace to be, I don't have time to- " she began. But she never got to finish the sentence. Samantha slammed her fist into the side of Melody's head with the force of a professional fighter. Melody flew backwards onto the table. But before she could land good Sam was on top of her. She threw a flurry of hard punches toward Melody's face and abdomen. Selena heard Melody give a high pitched scream as she struggled to get away. Selena jumped up in shock, but before she could make a run for it, Casey grabbed the metal lunch tray, and dumped off the food. Then in one smooth motion, she pulled it swiftly back and slammed it into Selena's head. It landed with a sickening crack. Selena screamed as the mind-numbing pain tore through her head. Then someone else punched and , kicked her. Then she was on the floor screaming and trying to get away. Someone else decided to copy Casey and slammed a tray on Selena's back. She screamed in pain. Then she was yanked up by her mangled clothing and slammed into a wall. Everyone seemed to be fighting and screaming. It took the teachers ten minutes to completely break it up. Selena's shirt and bra had been torn, and she was forced to hold it, to cover herself. Everyone involved was sent to the Principal's office. Cami, who was not involved, but was a witness, came too. "Don't snitch Selena! " She whispered, her voice raspy in Selena's ear. "You think I'm going to let these sluts get away with attacking me?"Selena whispered back, angrily. Her head hurt so bad, it hurt to breathe, and her back felt like someone had danced on it while she was on the floor. Cami elbowed her as they entered Principal Baker's outer office. "Selena no tell! -You deserve the beat down and-" Selena cut her off with a glare, before limping away. Her nose was bleeding, her eye was bleeding, and she hurt so badly she could hardly breathe! And here, this fool was begging her to keep it quiet! What the hell did she know! That little slut Madison had deserved everything they'd done to her, and now she was going to use this attack to finish her off! She grabbed Melody's arm to help her into the inner room. Melody was crying hard. After the initial punch, Samantha had pummelled her viciously. She was bleeding profusely from both her mouth and her nose, and her eyes were almost swollen shut. "We're gonna press charges" Selena whispered to Melody, holding her torn blouse over her breasts. "Those thugs are going to jail!" As they sat before Principal Baker, Selena tried to pretend she was an innocent victim as she told how Madison's friends had attacked her. She kept snatching hankies as she tearfully told about the brutal attack. Mr Baker listened quietly, while nodding his head, but for some reason he didn't seem sympathetic enough to Selena. Finally, he spoke. "Both Samantha, and Casey have been suspended for two weeks for their part in this lunch room melee. We don't tolerate this type of violence on this campus. When they come back, they'll have to do In school community service to atone for their actions. Trust me, they will pay for what they did." He sounded calm, firm, and conclusive, like this would resolve the matter. Selena felt like bashing his calm face! Did he really think she was going to let these bitches off that easily? He obviously did not know her! She was going to bury them! Selena jumped to her feet, and glared at him. Mr Baker, we intend to press assault charges, and see these thugs go to jail. We have no intentions of resolving this violent matter with suspension! What kind of school official are you? She tried to shout but it hurt too bad, so she settled for a shriek. He looked up at her through steepled fingers. "Are you sure you want to bring the police into this? " He asked in that maddeningly calm way of his. "Yes! " Selena snapped. Melody nodded weakly, in too much pain to really comprehend much of the conversation. Mr Baker looked at Selena sternly. "Are you really sure you want the police involved with this matter?" His voice had a tone of finality to it. "YESSSSS!!!! " Selena responded through gritted teeth. "Are you comprehensively challenged or just hard of hearing? Mr Baker set his jaw, and the vein jumping around near his chin let Selena know he was angry. But who gave a damn! She needed to go to the hospital, and then to the police dept to press charges. She didn't give a damn about his little anger. "Well that's good." Mr Baker informed her in a controlled voice. The police are already here, so I'll have them sent in, and save you the trouble of a trip downtown. Selena exhaled hard. "Well if they were already here, what the hell took you so long to tell me? Do you think I enjoy wasting time talking to some old hard of hearing man? Now the vein was doing gymnastics in Mr Bakers face. He leaned down and spoke into an intercom attached to his desk. A moment later the door swung open and Selena's parents walked in. They were followed by two uniformed officers. Selena's mother was crying and her father looked pissed. They were really worried about me she thought smugly. She started to jump from the chair into her parent's arms, but the Mr Baker held up his hand to halt her. "Ah... before you do that Selena, these officers would like to have a word with you." "Yeah, yeah just a minute Selena brushed the officer nearest her off, as he came forward. She got up to hug her mother, and let her know that she was ok. Her mother's face had a look of horror on it. "Mom, I'll be alright! " She insisted. But as she circled her arms around her mother, she was abruptly snatched back roughly! "What the hell-" She began. Selena whirled around to see the clean cut young officer had a pair of handcuffs, and was reaching for her wrists! His voice was chilling and no nonsense "Selena Johnson, you are under arrest for inducing a sexual assault against Madison Jane Williams. You are also being charged with the distribution of child pornography and violating the state ordinance on bullying" The world seemed to grind to a halt. Everything felt like it was happening in slow motion, except Selena's heart which sped into hyper speed. She couldn't move. She couldn't breathe. This could not be happening! I'm having a dream, she thought. I just have to wake up. But when the officer slapped the cold metal onto her small wrists, she knew it was real. Through the open doorway, she heard someone screaming. She recognized the voice as Tracey's. She was being arrested too. Her voice sounded far away and indistinct. Everything seemed unreal and horrible. She turned to Mr Baker. He was smirking with a satisfied look on his face. Selena shook her sore head, obviously she'd heard wrong. Even Melody had stopped crying and was staring in horror. A female officer moved toward Melody and took her arm with a firm grip. "We'll be notifying your parents to meet us at the hospital" She informed Melody. "After treatment, you will also be placed under arrest for violating the bullying ordinance against several freshmen, and one Junior Madison Williams" Melody began to shriek hysterically. "Don't worry, " The officer said smoothly. "According to our reports you were not involved in distributing the naked pictures of the minor Madison Williams, so if you cooperate against your friend, you'll be bailed out tonight with just the bullying charge. And as long as you keep your nose clean, The judge will work with you, and this won't go on your permanent record. You'll still be able to get into the college of your choice, and go on with your life. But your friend here is in 'big' trouble!" She turned and glared at Selena who was on the verge of passing out. Selena looked to Melody for help but she could see in Melody's eyes that she couldn't wait to testify against her. Anything to deflect the blame from herself. The principal rose from his seat and faced Selena coldly. "By the way Ms Johnson, besides the black mark on your record, you are permanently barred from the cheerleading team, and from participating in the homecoming festivities. In other words Ms Johnson, you will NOT be homecoming queen this year. You won't even be in the court-well correction, YOU WILL BE IN COURT!-just not ours!!!" He threw his head back and laughed at his own joke. "It's a good thing, you had charges pressed against the other girls, it gave Madison's parents the impetus to press child porn charges against you!-They had decided to just take you to court unless you did one more thing" He cackled."And you insisting on having the other girls arrested was just the one more thing we needed! Selena felt hot and cold at the same time. The room felt like it was swaying. She could see Mr Baker losing all senblance of professional conduct. He was loudly telling his secretary the whole story as Selena was led from the room in handcuffs. She cried in horror as she was led from the room into a hallway full of kids. Her ripped blouse fell open and one breast was exposed! The crowd went wild-hooting and laughing. She screamed for the officer to let her cover herself up, but he either didn't hear, or ignored her. As she was led down the long corridor, one of the same boys who had laughed at Madison pointed to Selena and screamed with laughter. "Her tittie's out! He yelled loudly down the hall. " And she's in handcuffs " Another boy laughed hysterically. It seemed like the whole world heard him, everyone turned and looked, and everyone seemed to be laughing, and pointing. Picture phones were whipped out and and a screaming, crying, knot-headed, half naked Selena and a beaten bloody, and sullied Melody were photographed from every angle. Selena felt like she was walking in a nightmare! This just could not be happening! She had ruined her future, tainted her permanent record, been banned from homecoming and cheerleading, and was being walked half naked down a school hall with half the school laughing at her! She lowered her head in shame and embarrassment. Her illustrious college career was over before it even began. She knew she'd be lucky to even get into community college at this point. She was being walked like a criminal, and she couldn't even cover her boob! She hung her head and cried. What had she been thinking? Just as they reached the door, the officer realized her breast was exposed and pulled the rags of her shirt securely around her and fastened them securely in the back. But she knew it was way too late for all the ppl who had already gotten cell phone shots. Would this nightmare ever end? she looked up and saw Madison standing just outside with John. She looked as lovely as ever. Big, handsome John had his arms around her, and was hugging her close. Madison turned away as they passed as if she couldn't bear to look at them, but John looked them dead in the eyes, and his smile was cold and revengeful. Selena shivered at the hate in his eyes. It was all the hate she had put out against so many people in her life. Hate that was coming back at her in droves. As the officer opened the door, and flung her roughly in the car, he looked into her eyes. "I heard about what you did to that girl" He spat sneeringly. "And this part of your life is called karma......

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Are you discriminating against men who don't look like this???

These kinds of gorgeous guys are what many women dream of, but what if he's the simple guy next door...... will he have a chance?
Ladies I hate to disappoint you but most men who look like this already have a woman hiding in the background ready to crack your skull if you get too close. You will find for the most part most husbands look like... well husbands. They don't look like models. A lot of women will not give a man the time of day unless he is rich (or well off) handsome, sexy in perfect shape and over 6ft tall. Then they wonder why they are alone! Ladies I for one am not trying to get you to lower your standards, all I am saying is if he is a good man, it does not (or should not) matter if he does not look like the actor above. Some of the plainest men in this world have a spirit so beautiful you could wake up smiling the rest of your life if you gave them a chance. It is weird to me because I see so many sistas who will take any piece of a brotha. And I do mean ANY piece. (ugly, old, toothless, broke, drunk, broke down, bed wetters, sorry, trifling, even livin with his mama at the age of 40) But if a white man approaches them, he has to be 6ft- plus and look like Gerard butler or be wealthy etc etc etc. Ladies there are millions of men in this world. There is no MAN SHORTAGE! not at all. You can have any kind of man you want, but why exclude all the sweet loving plain men while waiting for someone who looks like this. This is the type you will have to fight off many other women for! Now I am not advising you to ignore gorgeous men or disregard them for relationships. I am merely saying don't discard the plain ones trying to get to the foine ones! The most important thing is that Mr right loves and adores you, provides for his children is reliable, loving, kind, generous and true. Would you date a guy who looks like the man next door? or does he have to look like Viggo? All around me I see men who are really decent guys getting the shaft because they are too short, or too plain or too something equally as shallow. I read a personal ad recently in the newspaper where a woman who admitted to being over 5.6 and 250lbs stated that she wanted a tall, dark, handsome man over 6ft tall with no extra weight on his body!!! Unbelievable! then she was cursing the paper out because no one answered her ad!!! Ladies you tell me is your man really hot or really just around the way looking. and does this make him a better mate? Everyday we see really attractive men get away with all kind of crap. Do you really think black women would have so easily forgiven Clinton if he had not been a very attractive man? Yes or no. Do you think Ted Bundy could have lured so many unsuspecting females to their death if he had not been so handsome? Do you think if Denzel looked like spike lee, his career would be where it is now, and has been for years? Did you know studies show handsome boys are picked first in sports, are far more likely to be adored by teachers, get better grades, and have smoother, far less stressful lives. Give your thoughts on this type of discrimination. Would you date a very ordinary looking guy or must he be some kind of hottie? Are you the same person around a very attractive man as you are around the plainer guys? Case in point. I come from a very attractive family. We have alot of 'pretty' people in my family including the men. When I was new in my college class, I was voted cutest girl, by the guys in the class. From that point on, I had major problems with some of the women in my class. They were cold, hostile and most often rarely spoke to me, except to make snide remarks behind my back. Often I found myself speaking to the backs of most females in the class when I tried to speak to them. After a while the men in the class noticed and found the whole thing hilarious. They told me to ugly down and then the women would speak to me. The truth is many of the girls were already as cute as me, they just didn't know it-if you can read between the lines and understand that statement. Well one day 2 of my male relatives (cousins) came to pick me up. One was my cousin Derek. he was 6.4 dark with light brown eyes and muscular body. The other was cousin Shawn. He was shorter about 6.0 brown skinned, considered very hot and had a very funny, personable personality. The women in the class went wild! Black and white. They bombarded my two cousins so badly, it was shameful and embarrassing. I thought they were going to ask for autographs! When I finally dragged my laughing cousins away, (almost half an hour later) the women actually followed us out to the parking lot! Anyway, from that point on I was every woman's best friend! They could not have been nicer to me after that. All the snide remarks behind my back stopped. All the glaring, etc. They made great efforts to get my opinion on everything after that and could not have been sweeter to me but I knew it was not me they had any real interest in. They were just trying to get to my cousins. I must admit though that it made the class alot more fun..... The point is, many men will make great husbands and fathers and friends if you learn to look beyond the physical, and connect to the person inside. My cousins are both married now, both regularly do things (I won't mention) which make them less than stellar mates, but their wives put up with it, because they're both gorgeous. Now ask yourself, would you rather have a nice looking guy who's true, devoted, and a great father. Or would you rather have the Morris chestnut/Dwayne Johnson/Viggo look alike whom you can't trust or turn your back on for a second. (not saying that's how these men are-they are only expls) Learn to look beyond looks to find his inner beauty, and many of you will be a lot happier.....

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Love plan 1- finding him....

For all you out there who are looking for love... It is time to take action. However, for those looking for love,-keep reading..... Today I am going to introduce you to the S. L. P. (Sara's love plan) Lets get started.... Lesson 1. First, forget what your mama told you about good girls only seeing one man at a time. You should ALWAYS date at least 3 men at a time. Why? because: 1. You will not become readily attached to one. 2. You will have a much, much better shot of picking the right one, not the sexiest, or most handsome one. (which is rarely Mr Right) 3. Your confidence will get a great boost, when you are being courted by 3 instead of one, and you will realize very quickly that you DO have options. (many sistas just do not realize THAT THEY DO HAVE OPTIONS!) 4. As your confidence grows, you will give off positive vibes that will further attract men to you. 5. Most important!- Men are extremely competitive! Men always want what they cannot have/ or is very hard to get. You should always BE hard to get and not playing it. 6. Supply and demand: You must think of it like this; You are a quality woman and you are in short supply! Whenever there is short supply-demand goes through the roof! They are all competing for YOU. Think of yourself as a scarce and precious commodity. A prize that only ONE person can win! 7. Later on after you snare the man of your dreams, he will forever look back and think of how hard he worked to get you, and this will make him work to keep you as well as keep him in love with you.... Ladies I think I have told you this before, but it bears repeating. 8. Men do not fall in love with women they do not have to work for!!! Getting ready to meet (HIM) Always prepare yourself for anything important in life, and that includes meeting Mr Right. So many women think things just happen in life and they are ill-prepared, and then wonder why they did not succeed. Did you get your job by just being there? Then why would you expect to find Mr Right by JUST being there? There are certain actions you must take or avoid so lets start to learn them now. Step 1. The first thing I want you ladies to do whether you are a size 6 or 16 is to get in shape. You will feel so much better about yourself if you just get in shape. Nothing takes the place of exercise: It will cause you to be more confident. It will make you feel sexier, and more alive. It will normalize your body functions. It will help you deal better with stress than any medication. It will strengthen bones and bodily systems. It will strengthen the heart and other bodily organs. It will clear your mind and enable you to think at a level you only dream of. It will spur your creativity and make you more creative in all of your endeavors It will energize and oxygenate your system and make your skin glow. It will release endorphins in your brain that make you feel excited and sensual. I could go on all day but I think you get the picture, the best thing anyone can. do for their body and their life is to exercise. Step 2. I want to introduce you ladies to a secret EVERY famous, rich, happy, or simply successful person knows. I began to do this in my life a few years ago and I cannot tell you what a difference it has made in my life in that short amount of time. The secret is: Positive Programming/self improvement I began to read self improvement books and listen to positive tapes. Some of my favorite authors are Tony Robbins, Dr Wayne Dyer, and Paul Makenna. You must think of your mind as garbage in garbage out. or Success in/Success out Always guard your mind. Never sleep with your TV playing in the background (unless you mute it) because you will be programmed all night long with garbage/negativity If you don't have a lot to time to read buy CDs from Ebay, but always program your own mind or it will be programmed toward negativity and failure by default. Ever asked a child why they took a cookie from the jar, and had them lie? Who taught them to lie at such a young age? The truth is nobody had to teach them. Negative traits are already in us, we have to be taught to make them positive. In other words, you will aim low by default or settle for something you dislike by default, etc. You must teach yourself to aim high, and to go for more. The books, and CDs have made a tremendous difference in my life, and this is very common for achievers. Mary Kay used to say she never wasted time in her car listening to the radio. She always listened to positive programming/self improvement tapes. Try it for 30 days and see how much better you feel, You will feel like a brand new person, and you will be sexy, confident and ready to meet your Mr Right/White. Step 3. Where to meet (HIM) Some of the best places to meet upwardly mobile/financially stable and marriage minded white men are the following: Bookstores (like Borders, Barnes-Noble Home depot or like stores Miniature golf places Big and Tall stores Expensive/Tailor stores Quiet-out of the way restaurants City Planning meetings Chamber of Commerce ( join for a few hundred/meet all the men you want) Real Estate Associations Another tip-find out where your local police/fire department regularly meet for lunch and be there! In our area there is a little restaurant about 20-25 minutes away, bursting at the seams with Big, handsome, White state troopers! Look around, your area will have one too! Anyway ladies, I think you all get the idea. Rock concerts are great places to meet rocket type wm. Sporting events, (esp. hockey, golf, and tennis) are EXCELLENT places to meet upper class wm. Ladies you are going to have to get out of your confort zone in order to get what you want. When you went for that new job, do you remember how uncomfortable you felt at the interview? Why didn't you leave? -Because you knew what you wanted was on the other side of that discomfort. It's the same thing in the beginning of a relationship. What you want is on the other side of that discomfort. So relax, take a deep breath, and lets get started.... This is Lesson 1 in S.L.P Sara's love Plan Thank you for coming, and god bless, check back in a few days for another lesson.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The dream girl -vs- the doormat....

This is a reprint from my old blog, but how many of you have never read it, see if you can answer the questions at the end of the story. What causes a man to see a woman as a dream girl -v- the one he sees as a doormat?
See if you can tell after reading the following .....
Mike pushed his blond hair back, and surveyed the room. His brother Louis, who owned a predominant share in their finance company, seemed to be busy fighting off the women as usual. He looked up at him and gestured for help. Mike just laughed. He and his brother both were very used to the tenacious attentions of opportunistic females. He could smell them a mile away. What most of the women did not know was that he and his brother, both of whom were blond haired, blue eyed, and all American looking, both preferred black women. His friends and family had long ago come to terms with it, and it no longer seem to matter, that is , except to white women, who often threw hissy fits upon seeing him with his latest date. But he was in his 30s and ready to settle down. More and more he had been dreaming of a wife instead of just a one night stand. He sighed as he realized his big brother was standing over him, squinting. "Penny for your thoughts man" Louis pulled out a chair and sat down. Mike shook his head, not quite sure he was ready to admit what was on his mind. Louis spread his muscular arms wide, then gestured for their mutual friend Jackson to join them. A moment later Jackson appeared with Don in towe. Mike sighed. When the 4 of them got together, all they seemed to talk about was football, and for once he was not in the mood. Jackson looked closely at him. His black skin shining under the bright lights "whatsup with you boy?" Don broke in " looks like female trouble t'me" he said trying to hide the southern accent he was often teased about. "Nah, I just ... I guess I'm just a little bored" Mike confessed hoping they would let it drop. His brother leaned toward him, his handsome face crinkled in amusement."what the hell you bored for? too many women, too much money, too many cars, man tell me!" Mike glared at him, but did not answer. Everyone seemed to think if you had lots of money life was perfect-but his life was empty as hell and he knew it. "listen man, " his brother motioned for him to move closer "I need you to do me a big favor..." Mike cut him off " No way man I'm not going to fire anybody for you or-" Louis held up his hand "Man I don't need you to, I have no problem firing people who don't pull their weight. No this is something else..." His voice trailed off, then with what looked like a go-ahead look from Jackson he continued. "There are two women I need you to take out, One this week, and one next week." He held up his hand to silence Mike's protest "Man listen one is your dreamgirl I guarantee it. The other we just need to make her happy so we can get her business!" Mike rolled his eyes "man why me? I mean what about Jackson? you know I ain't into white girls" Louis shook his head slightly at Mike the way one looks at a mentally challenged child "Who said they were white?" he asked quietly. Jackson laughed "yeah one of em, we think is just perfect for you, you'll see she's fierce! the other well she'll do in a pinch" Mike did not like it. He didn't like feeling like he was being set up, and he didn't need his brother to pick his dates. But Louis would not take no for an answer and mike finally agreed "I won't even spend money on their asses" he thought "I'll take em both to the cove, talk em out of their drawers and be on my way!" He laughed at the thought of his brother's face when he did not get the business he was aiming for "it'll serve him right " he thought sneakily. "Let me go get a new suit..." When Mike pulled up to the large house, he beeped impatiently. Not bothering to get out and go meet the woman. Instead he leaned back in his beamer and waited. She emerged a moment later. Beautiful, dark and sexy looking. His brother had said her name was Pam. That was easy enough to remember, at least for the night. She was dressed in a short, tight dress that left her breasts hanging over the top. Her weave was thick and heavy and she wore far more makeup than such a pretty face required. She got into the car and smiled at him. She didn't seem to be at all annoyed by the fact that he did not come to the door. He was used to women letting him get away with shit. When you're rich, handsome, and extremely well connected the normal rules don't seem to apply. " Oh everybody said you were gorgeous" she gushed "they were right" He didn't bother to answer. Obliviously she was supposed to be the dreamgirl, and yeah she was hot and all, so why did he feel so let down? They drove up to the cove and got out. Pam grabbed his hand and pulled it to her breast. He looked at her quickly to see if it had been an accident but the mischievous look on her face told him otherwise. "So what'll you like to do?" he asked. trying to keep the boredom out of his tone. He had dated women like her a thousand times. "I love to go to the country club and-" Mike tuned her out. His attention was on her hot body. Her breasts pushing against the rim of a dress that looked 2 sizes too small. She seemed to notice what he was staring at and giggled. A moment later they were locked in a passionate embrace, getting hotter by the moment. "you wanna go to the hilton?" she breathed. Mike just looked her, thinking "why should I, you ain't worth all the trouble of checking in and paying 300 bucks!" "Ah no baby, he breathed. I want you too bad!" She fell for it. In minutes they had disposed of their clothes and given way to pure passion. Two hours later, Mike lay spent, his breathing slowly returning to normal. Pam turned to him "I'm so glad we met" she gushed. " On our next date maybe we could see that new movie..." Once again he had tuned her out. He was listening to the sound of the water lapping against the shore. He had always loved that sound since childhood. Pam's voice pierced his thoughts. "maybe we could go to the beach or the movies or -" He shot her a, shut the hell up look, "Mike! she wined, You're not even listening to me! I'm telling you my feelings about- " "about what?" he shot back, "Woman I don't even know you" and frankly you're voice is starting to get on my nerves!" Pam looked like he had slapped her. In the next instant she was sobbing "you must think I'm some kind of whore!" she moaned. Mike was getting more irritated by the moment "Did this idiot expect an instant relationship from a cheap screw? She really was stupid. " It's getting cold, he murmured, better get you home." When they got in the car he turned on the stereo, and let the temptations take him to another place. Soon they pulled up to her house. He turned to look at her. Pam's face was red and blotchy from crying. She looked weak and vulnerable, he was so turned off, he had to look away. "would you walk me to the door? " she asked, but it sounded more like plead. Reluctantly he walked her up the walk "will I see you again?" she asked hopefully "Ah sure, " he murmured, knowing he was lying. He could not wait to get away from her desperate ass.... When Mike pulled up to the small but cute, cottage looking house, he did not know what to expect. If the last girl was the dreamgirl, "my God what must this one be like?" he wondered. He tried honking but no one came to the door. Getting irritated, he walked up and knocked. The door slid open and a brown skinned woman with her hair in a ponytail and very little make up, peered up at him. She was attractive but not nearly to the degree of someone like Pam.but She did have big brown eyes and sensuous lips. He was shocked to see her wearing very little makeup and dressed in jeans and a pretty pink blouse. Women usually went all out for him! She was on the slim side and her body was very nicely proportioned, missing the super large breasts and booty he usually went for. He knew her name was alexis but that was all he knew about her. "Ah I honked " He murmured. "no, you didn't " she said evenly. He squinted in confusion "yes I did I-" She held up her manicured hand and looked into his face " No, you did not " She repeated "unless you were honking for someone else because My dates do not honk, they come to my door!" Mike was taken aback. This was a total surprise. He had a sudden feeling this date would be very different than so many others he had been on. "who doe's this chick think she is?' he wondered. but he had to admit, he was feeling the first stirrings of respect for her. He opened the car door for her and she gave him a slight smile. He tried not to smile back, but lost, she was so damn adorable sitting there like some kind of princess! As soon as he turned on the temptations, she started to sing. He was blown away at the beauty of her voice, as well as her confidence. When he complimented her beautiful voice instead of waving the compliment away, she smiled and said "thanks everyone in my family can sing." It seemed only moments passed before they reached the cove. "Ah I thought we could get to know each other .." He stammered in response to her surprised look. " that's fine," she said finally." but next time ask if I feel like coming here instead of eating or something" He nodded, wondering once again who this woman thought she was! No woman controlled him! He was going to show her who was boss. They talked about everything. She was passionate about her new business and all the plans she had for it. Mike watched her face beam with excitement as she talked about her business. Usually the only thing he saw a woman that excited about was HIM! He was at a complete loss to explain why he liked her so much, but he had to admit that he did. A few minutes later he lapsed into silence and listened to the water push against the shore. She was watching him " Are you listening to the water lap the shore?" she asked. Mike looked at her stunned. "how did you know?" he asked "because your eyes went to the side, you were in auditory mode" " I was in what?" he laughed. "auditory mode! it just means you were hearing things in your head " she smiled. She leaned in closer "I do that too! she confided. " I love the sound of the water! Mike's heart started a faster beat. He starred at alexis wondering what it was about her that made his heart pound. Why did he feel like he had known her forever, when they just met a few hours ago! " He leaned in "Can I kiss you?" He asked quickly, realizing he was holding his breath. She nodded, and they shared a kiss so sweet he knew he would be on cloud 9 for days. She seemed to be in tune to him in a way he had never experienced before. He felt like he was under a spell! Way too soon she made him take her home. He rushed to open the car door and help her from the car. She looked up at him her big brown eyes glittering in the moonlight, and lovely brown skin reminiscent of chocolate silk. He wondered how he had ever thought Pam was prettier than her. He knew now without a doubt she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. At the door he rushed to ask if he could see her again next Friday. She hesitated, Mike bit his lip so hard it started to bleed. Finally she looked up at him "I have plans for Friday and Saturday, but I can see you on Sunday" A big smile broke out on his face as she hugged him good bye. He couldn't wait until Sunday! "I'm gonna take her to Maxine's" he thought "No, I'll take her to the country club, she'll like that." He began to plan the date in his head. This time he would bring flowers and candy and take her some place very classy. "Damn Louis" He thought "Why didn't he tell me I was going to meet my dream girl?"...
What did Pam do wrong that Alexis did right?
Why did Mike feel so much connection with Alexis?
Why did he feel under a spell, -was it just a coincidence?
why did Alexis suddenly seem so much more beautiful to him?
And most of all, how did she manage to turn herself into his dream girl in his eyes?